From the Mantle

80 x 100cm
Abstract landscape painting of the eruption in Geldingadalir: From the Mantle.

When the eruption started in Geldingadalir, one could say it was kind of a relive, once we knew it was not a dangerous eruption. The Magma comes directly from the mantle.

The relief is because the big earthquakes stopped (for the most part)

Eruptions in Iceland are quite common, but this one is perfect for the general public to enjoy, we are not threatened by it, although one never knows what will happen next.

People can take long hikes to see it, book a helicopter ride or a small plane ride, or simply view it from where they are via webcams.

I was not inspired to paint this scene until I came across a photo by Chris Burkard, the young American photographer, and adventurer, which happened to be in Iceland when the eruption occurred to bicycle across the country!

I got his permission to use his photo as a reference.

This is a new style for me, abstract landscape with large palette knife strokes and texture.

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