Hekla Volcano

70 x 80cm
Hekla volcano, Icelandic landscape and mountain oil painting.

While living as a farmer in South Iceland, we would have a good view of quite many volcanoes. Among them is the famous stratovolcano Hekla (1,491m/4,892ft), which is Iceland’s most active volcano with over 20 eruptions since 874.

My grandparents were farmers in the area where Hekla dominates the view. In Iceland, people learn to respect nature and expect the unexpected at any time, among them eruptions. There has always been some kind of an attraction towards this mountain, it is beautifully situated, can be seen on bright days from most of South Iceland, attractive and dangerous at the same time.

Ref. photo: Jóna Sigþórsdóttir

Oil on canvas, 70 x 80cm
Mixed media. A thick layer of gesso, modeling paste to form the mountains and give texture. Sketch with acrylics. Painted with oils.

85.000 kr.

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