Brunnhorn mountain

80 x 100cm
Brunnhorn mountain oil painting.

Have you ever heard about the ‘Batman mountain’ in Iceland?
Its name is Brunnhorn, located near the town of Höfn in South-East Iceland.

I saw a photograph by Jón Þórðarson from Höfn on Facebook and got his permission to use it for the reference for this painting. Any time I use a reference, it is mainly a reference, I use artistic license to the fullest and follow the paint where it wants to take me and become my landscape sculpture. It’s quite amazing!

This painting is rather dark as it is capturing the early spring, stormy weather, and dull weeds among the rocks on the shore. I used a mixture of burnt Siena, burnt umber, and gold to cover the canvas, which shine through the painting and give it the correct atmosphere.

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