Ámundi Jónsson

60 x 60cm
Ámundi Jónsson on his horse Gráni, or Ámunda Gráni, getting ready to ride home from a successful horse competition sometimes around the mid-1900s.

This painting was so much fun to paint.

I kept thinking how much he reminded me of Wyatt Earp or some old legend, but this man lived from the late 1800s past the mid-1900s.

Back then, people dressed up in their finest, even with their hats on to go to town or to participate in horse competitions, which is what Ámundi was doing when the picture of him was taken.

His gray horse, called Ámunda Gráni, was 30 years old and Ámundi 70, so they totaled 100 years when the photographer captured the photo after one of many successful horse competitions they participated in together.

I used artistic license to alter the position of the horses slightly, and changed water into a lava field.

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